6 years

Oh dear. It’s been 6 years since I blogged on outthewinder.blogspot.com. I tried to log on to add a new post, but apparently blogspot has no recollection of me (which is slightly tragic) and resetting my account was not going to be an option. So…I’m back with a fancy new blog site. I recognize that my track record for updating my blog has been an epic disappointment, but this time….this time I’m gonna stay on top of it!

And now for a brief run down of the past 6 years:

Graduated from residency

Started Palliative Care fellowship

Graduated from Palliative Care fellowship

Got a grown up job as a Palliative Care doctor

Bought a grown up house

Had another baby

Bought a minivan

I’m pretty sure there was some other stuff in there, but those seem to be the high points. Now I’m spending my time palliating, wife-ing, mom-ing and watching youtube videos trying to master the perfect “messy bun.” I’m dabbling in the wild world of intermittent fasting and for the past two years have been thinking about starting pilates.

After a 6 year hiatus, this blog will resume it’s function as my creative outlet, a record of my existence and possibly something that will make someone smile. I present to you: Drbartlettpear.com

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