Measured Rage

Yesterday when the Supreme Court handed down its decision reversing Roe v. Wade, a guttural, primitive anguish was felt, the likes of which my generation has never known. Short of an emergency c-section, I've never been in a position of needing to consider emergency reproductive interventions, but I have rested easy knowing that they would … Continue reading Measured Rage

Covid-19 Series, Lost track of the number

Hi. I was going to start off with the traditional "Happy New Year" but that conveys the sort of optimism that I am lacking right now. Instead of feeling optimistic, I am actively trying to reign in the petrification that I am sensing about the coming months. The post-Thanksgiving Covid surge is kicking our collective … Continue reading Covid-19 Series, Lost track of the number

Covid-19 Series, Entry #19

A common occupational hazard for physicians is the late night call from a frantic friend asking about a worrisome medical issue. I get my fair share of questions pertaining to symptom management, terminal illness, hospice and death, which I am more than happy to help with. Occasionally, however, I get questions about kids. As an … Continue reading Covid-19 Series, Entry #19

Covid-19 Series, Entry #17

I'm moving to Vermont. Not really, but it seems like Vermont is full of reasonable people who make good decisions based on facts and data. Right now 83% of the eligible population has been vaccinated in Vermont and they only have 3 people hospitalized with Covid. They also have lovely trees that turn vibrant colors … Continue reading Covid-19 Series, Entry #17

Side Hustlin’

Have you ever though, "Dang...I really could use a little more responsibility in my life." or "Gosh...I'd really like to have more things to spend money on and subsequently deplete my savings account!"? Probably not. And I don't remember having either one of those conscious thoughts, but somehow that's where we are. Voluntarily, no less. … Continue reading Side Hustlin’

When I Can’t Sleep

Yesterday, a small miracle happened. When I got home from work I had a hot second to lay down on the couch. I told Danny I was just going to rest for a minute, but when I closed my eyes, my "rest" turned into a full on nap. The likes of which simply don't happen … Continue reading When I Can’t Sleep