Rehab (No, no, no!)

They tried to make me go to rehab, I said “no, no, no!”

(me walking to rehab…it wasn’t warm)

The weather’s been bad and now I’m just mad but I’ll go, go, go!

I guess I’ll have to get in line, “Hey PT! This patient’s MINE!”

I walked all the way to rehab, now let’s go, go, go!

They consulted me over in rehab and I said, “what’s the goal?”

The tube-feeding’s a drag and I know it’s sad but you’re N. P. O.

Turns out you’ll be fine, if you just give your rehab time.

Now I’m heading back from rehab and…….

Shut up! Any omelette with unlimited pancakes!?!?

***Specific information is withheld or altered to protect patient privacy*** And for the record, I don’t really mind going to rehab. But I DO sing a little Amy Winehouse every time I go.

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