Regardless how big or how small, an accomplishment is an accomplishment. Today, I celebrate and share with you one of my most unexpected and strangely gratifying accomplishments.

It was a normal day, sometime last year, when I grabbed a cup of grapes in the staff lounge. In that moment, I had no way of knowing the destiny that awaited one very special grape.

At some point during my snack time (the part of the day between explaining opioid conversions to residents and yelling at cardiologists when I need a little reprieve), I dropped a grape and it rolled under my desk. I could lie and say I didn’t realize that I had dropped it, but I knew full well there was now a grape living on the floor of my office. Chalk it up to laziness, apathy or maybe my deep-seeded belief that there really is cleaning fairy who will eventually come along and pick up after me, I never went searching for that grape. I suspect that the cleaning crew who vacuums my office at night knocked it around several times, but ultimately decided not to pick it up either. Maybe they knew the miracle to come, or they also believe in the theory of the cleaning fairy (which seems a bit ironic). At some point along the way, I forgot that the grape was even there, until one day….something caught my eye.

At first I thought it might be a bug…maybe one of the giant roaches that creep into the stairways of my building to die (assuredly very far from any patient care areas).

The “breeze” app gives it a nice bit of contrast, don’t you think?

I looked closer…no legs or antennae. Not a roach.

You guys….I made a raisin!

Thanks to my abject indolence, I had the unique opportunity to passively participate in the miracle of the grape to raisin metamorphosis.

My raisin, in the spot it was discovered, with a nice vignette finish.

While I doubt you will ever see this accomplishment listed on my curriculum vitae (well, maybe you will…), I felt compelled to share it anyway. Sometimes this world can be a cold, harsh, brutal place….and sometimes you walk into work on a Tuesday and have 15 new consults on your list. Take time to celebrate your accomplishments, friends…no matter how trivial, insignificant…or potentially disgusting they might be! Even if, ultimately, your achievement highlights your laziness and utter disregard for sanitation.

(No roaches were killed [only found deceased] and no raisins were eaten during the creation of this blog entry.)

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