Covid-19 Series, Entry #4

Today I wrote up a protocol for how to allow someone dying of Covid-19 to die comfortably on life support machines because the act of actually removing the life support machine poses an increased risk of transmission to the providers present at the bedside. So, there's that. In other news, I'm learning a lot from … Continue reading Covid-19 Series, Entry #4

Covid-19 Series, Entry #3

Okay, I was going to try to lighten the mood and talk about all of the shenanigans happening in my house right now, but there are some serious things I need to tell you.  I promise I'll post something lighter soon-ish. A quick update on my job.  I am a Palliative Care physician in a … Continue reading Covid-19 Series, Entry #3

Public service announcement for July 25th, 2019

For immediate release: #1 When rounding in hoop and/or loop earrings, one must exert extreme caution so as not to entangle one's stethoscope in said earrings. The result could involve significant pain and potentially disfigurement. #2 When referring to the palliative care team in a progress note, refrain from using the word "impending." That conjures … Continue reading Public service announcement for July 25th, 2019

How to prolong death and maximize suffering

I'm super excited that this essay was just published on Not quite NEJM or JAMA, but I'll take it! Due to word count restrictions on KevinMD, I had to modify the original version quite a bit. Here is the link to the KevinMD post with my unabridged essay below. Enjoy! We’re all … Continue reading How to prolong death and maximize suffering