The great cake debacle of 2019

On Sunday, Danny and I had the rare opportunity to go to dinner. Together. Without kids (thanks mom and dad).

We initially planned to go to Café Europa but when they called to confirm our reservation, they mentioned that they wouldn’t be serving alcohol that night. Um….

I asked if it was Southern Baptist night, but it turns out they simply let their liquor license lapse and it wouldn’t be renewed until the next day. I promptly cancelled our reservation and looked for alternate arrangements. Because…reasons.

We ended up going to Silo in Lenexa which was completely lovely. And their liquor license was up to date. We celebrated with some Sangiovese.

The following are excerpts from our romantic dinner conversation:

Me: I’m so happy to spend some time with you.

Danny: Me too…so nice that it’s just the two of us.

Me: I love you so much. blah blah blah blah

Danny: You’re the best. I love you too. blah blah blah blah

Me: These wine glasses are super fancy…we should get some.

Danny: Definitely. Hey, that couple over there is drinking the same wine that we are. Do you think they’re younger or older than us?

Me: Younger.

Danny: But definitely not as cool.

Me: Totally.

Danny: I love you.

Me: I love you too. You’re the best. blah blah

(Eating 32 layer chocolate cake…getting full)

Waitress: How are you guys doing?

Danny: Good, but we’re going to need a box for this cake.

(Waitress abruptly grabs cake to take it to the kitchen for boxing)

Me: What the fresh hell??? You are a QUITTER, Danny Bartlett!!! I don’t even know you right now!

Danny: I kind of thought she was going to bring the box to the table.

Me: Son of a BITCH!!!! I was eating that!

Danny: Sorry.

Me: Damnit!

Danny: I think this was inevitable. We’re getting pretty full.

Me: You know NOTHING of my gastric capacity. Nor my determination in the face of chocolate cake.

Danny: You’re being dramatic.

AN HOUR LATER (at home)

Danny: I love you.

Me (sitting on the couch eating chocolate cake from a to-go box in my jammies…covered in crumbs): Blah blah blah…

For real though, it had 32 layers!

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