Seven minutes in a car with a toddler

The scene: Driving home from Louisa’s dance class.  Louisa is in the third row, Annie is rear-facing in the middle row.  I’m in the driver’s seat.

Pulling through the drive-thru at Sonic (which was a dumb idea because it’s so much slower than if you actually pull into a stall).

Annie: Mom, I want dinner.

Me: Annie, you already ate dinner at home.

Annie: (indignant) I don’t want dinner!

Me: Oh, okay.

Annie: (whining and on the verge of sobbing) I want my daddy!

I want a french fry!

(now quite matter-of-fact) Weezy, can I have a french fry?

Me: Nobody is eating anything until we get home.

Annie: (wailing) I want my home!

I want my daddy!

I want my daddy!

Silence for about 30 seconds as we pull away from Sonic

Where is DADDY?

I want my daddy!

Incomprehensible wailing

Is it dark outside? (as she sits, gazing out the window)

Me: Yes, it’s getting dark.

Annie: Is it my bedtime?

Me: Yes baby, when we get home it will be time for bed.

Annie: I don’t want to go to bed!!!

Mom, are you driving?

I want my phone!

Where is my phoooooooone???

Me: Your phone is at home where you left it.

Annie: I want to see…(incomprehensible)

Me: Do you want to see pictures on your phone?

Annie: NO!

Louisa: I think she said she wants to see the farm. (Referring to a red barn which is NOT on our way home.)

Me: Oh…you want to see the farm?

Annie: YES!

Me: Maybe we can see it tomorrow.

Annie: What?

Me: Maybe we can see the farm tomorrow.

Annie: What?

I want to play outside!

I want to play OUTSIDE!

I want to watch something!

Me: Sweetie, when we get home we’re going to go to bed.

Annie: I want to watch Elsa!  Oh…Wizard of Oooooz!

Is it my bedtime?

Louisa, will you turn on Wizard of Oz for me, after my nap?

Louisa: Sure, Annie.  Mom…she makes no sense.

Annie: Where’s my dad?

Me: Daddy’s at home.

Annie: Where’s my home?  I want my home!

I don’t like this song!

I’m hungry!

Me: Annie, you already had dinner!  What do you want to eat?

Annie: Milk.


Opening the garage door and realizing that daddy is not, in fact, home.




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