Me, today


Oh, hey, I think I’ll put together a presentation for my speaking engagement thing-a-ma-jig* on Saturday.

Okay, what was that new software I was wanting to try for power points?

I must find the app on my phone.

Looks at phone.

Hey, new facebook notifications.

Wow, that’s a really cool obituary that showed up on my Hospice/Palliative Care group – I must share**.

Okay, were was I?  Oh yeah, presentation.

Must find the app on my phone….

Oh man, notification that Cokie Roberts died…must read CNN article to determine how she died.  Breast cancer…bummer.

Okay, back to the presentation.

{BLING} – text from mom.

Oh, shoot…I don’t think I have the papers she’s asking about.  I’ll print them off from my office.

Searches for website to download papers.  Bing sucks, must Google.  Yay Google.

Found it!

Printing papers, have to walk out to the printer to retrieve.

What’s this?  A puzzle?


Why am I standing here doing a puzzle?

Walks to printer and retrieves papers.

Returns to office.

{Bling} – text from dad.

Shoot!  Yeah, I need to go visit grandpa.  I’ll do it this weekend.

Opens phone calendar to add “visit grandpa” to Saturday.

Sees “Speaking engagement thing-a-ma-jig” on Saturday as well.

Blast!  The presentation!

Now where was I?

This is kind of ridiculous, I should document this for my blog.

Takes dumb selfie of myself looking quizzical and a picture of puzzle to add more “dimension” to my blog.

Sends pictures from my phone to my email.

Checks email to retrieve said pictures.  Notices Amazon email with link to HOT DEALS that are happening today! Blackhead Remover Vacuum – Electric Pore Vacuum Facial Pore Cleaner Acne Comedone Extractor kit w/ 5 Removable Probes 5 Adjustable Suction Force for All Skin Treatment USB Rechargeable

Also sees an email from entitled: ‘DWTS’ Had a Major ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Editing Fail Last Night and Twitter Is Trolling So Hard

Scratches head because non of that previous sentence makes any sense with my middle-aged understanding of vocabulary and the English language.  Now contemplating the purchase of an electric blackhead vacuum.

Okay, now really…the presentation.

Hey!  Do you have a minute? {One of my favorite-est fellow doctor moms is standing at my door}

Oh, hey!  Yeah, come in!

Are you blogging?  Is this what it looks like?  Nice picture {sarcasm}… 

Um…yeah.  This is it.

Hey, so, about that lecture you guys give at the end of the Internal Medicine elective for medical students.  They LOVE it and they would really like to have you give it the first week of their elective instead of the last.


Are you available on the 25th between 1-3?

Yep! Put me down for 1:00!

Thanks! {Turns and leaves.}

Opens phone back up to add “med student thing-a-ma-jig” to calendar.  Sees “speaking engagement thing-a-ma-jig.”

Head explodes.



*The speaking engagement thing-a-ma-jig is a presentation on palliative care and advance care planning for patients with pulmonary fibrosis.

Also, I learned how to use hyperlinks today.


One thought on “Me, today

  1. And I read your blog in the middle of writing my IPE book chapter. I love your blog and it is one of my go-to distractions. And now back to the book chapter…or FB.


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