May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month! In my line of work, I see a lot of horrible things happen to people at no fault of their own. Often times, their illnesses could not have been predicted or prevented. Skin cancer, however, is something that can be detected early and there are steps that you can … Continue reading NO TANNING BEDS FOR YOU!

Confessions of a reluctant dance mom

I live for Saturday mornings. Specifically the part where I get to sleep past 7:00. And if it's a rainy, stormy morning it's even better. So this morning when my alarm went off at 5:15 and I heard the thunder crashing, my soul cried bitter tears. Why in the world would my alarm be going … Continue reading Confessions of a reluctant dance mom

Today you will be with me in paradise

Right now I'm boiling eggs in preparation for Easter festivities this weekend. Six of them have cracked already....and my kids aren't even home. If anyone has a suggestion for how to boil eggs without cracking them, please share. I love this time of year, but easily get caught up in the bunnies, the pretty pastel … Continue reading Today you will be with me in paradise

Happy National Only Child Day!

So there is now a holiday called "National Siblings Day." It appears that this day is celebrated by posting pictures of one's self with one's siblings on facebook and instagram and spouting nostalgic pleasantries about the sacred bonds of siblinghood. Even though we all know good and well that on at least 1468 different occasions … Continue reading Happy National Only Child Day!

But I’m a doctor

The following is my personal account of an actual situation. Others involved may have a completely different recollection, and may question my recall of recent events. The scene: My kitchen The time: Monday morning, just before leaving for school Louisa: Hey dad, when you go shopping today will you get Nutella? Danny: Um, no. Me: … Continue reading But I’m a doctor

I get by with a little help

I just finished a five week stretch of clinical service, including four weeks in the hospital seeing inpatient Palliative Care consults and one week at our local Hospice House. This stretch also included two weekends of coverage, the most recent being this past weekend. Now...I realize that most people work every week, but keep in … Continue reading I get by with a little help

I’m sorry, sweetie

This morning as I was sitting at my desk reviewing patient charts, my office partner (we'll call him Dr. Patt Rones) walked in like he normally does, dropped his stuff on our couch (that's right, we're big time and have a couch in our office) and offered a chipper "good morning!" Then he walked over, … Continue reading I’m sorry, sweetie