The Platform

I found you standing on a platform. It was a foggy, damp morning and your vision was obscured. People came and went, some with urgency, others not so much. Some people you knew, others were strangers. Your husband was usually nearby, often holding your hand, other times out of sight. At times you could hear … Continue reading The Platform

Today you will be with me in paradise

Right now I'm boiling eggs in preparation for Easter festivities this weekend. Six of them have cracked already....and my kids aren't even home. If anyone has a suggestion for how to boil eggs without cracking them, please share. I love this time of year, but easily get caught up in the bunnies, the pretty pastel … Continue reading Today you will be with me in paradise

I get by with a little help

I just finished a five week stretch of clinical service, including four weeks in the hospital seeing inpatient Palliative Care consults and one week at our local Hospice House. This stretch also included two weekends of coverage, the most recent being this past weekend. Now...I realize that most people work every week, but keep in … Continue reading I get by with a little help

Grand Rounds

Back in October, our Palliative Care team was sitting around the conference room table for a regular monthly meeting. We discussed fellowship updates, weekend coverage issues, clinic schedules and the benefits of intermittent fasting. It was a typical Tuesday. Then it happened. The upcoming lecture schedule. It all happened so quickly, I didn't have a … Continue reading Grand Rounds